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Our customers demand exceptionally well-made components, delivered on time to keep their own production running smoothly.
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Each piece of raw material we use has to be traceable to give absolute confidence that parts will be safe and reliable.
The precision and finish of each component must reflect the excellent design and attention to detail of the finished product.
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Our skilled engineers work with our customers to create optimal machining processes that quickly and precisely produce their designs from an extensive range of materials (including aluminium, steel, copper, alloys, plastics and modern composites).

We make rapid prototypes early in the process and continue to revise machining operations to ensure that the parts always meet our customers needs.

Our extensively equipped workshop includes:

  • High-capacity machining cells

  • 4-Axis machining cells

  • 5-Axis machining cells

  • Vertical machining

  • Sliding head lathes

  • Dedicated filtering for specific parts

  • Automated multi-level filtering for efficient machining

  • Robotic loading / unloading for overnight production

  • Additive manufacturing (3D Printing)
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We can produce parts up to nearly 2m long in anything from single parts to batches of over 5000.

Accuracies down to +/- 6 microns.

These can be finished by:
anodising, plating, painting and specialist coatings.

Brazing, lapping and laser engraving services available.

Careful packaging as either separate components, kits, sub-assemblies or complete assemblies.

Our dedicated team of inspectors confirm quality and precision throughout the production process to ensure that every component is exactly as it should be, this could range from visual and manual dimensional checking to using our Hommel and Co-ordanate Measuring Machine.
We deliver parts just-in-time through our Kanban system, so as to ensure our customers can work efficiently with a constant supply.